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The only live forums we know of devoted just to Dominican immigration. Join our discussion group and find out what you need to know to make your process go smoothly. Finding out what lies ahead will prepare you for that all important interview, assist you with forms, or find out what is going on in government agencies.

Resource page is here! now has an extensive resource page with all the things you really need but can't seem to find anywhere else. "Secret" phone numbers, addresses, sample letters to your congressmen and tips to make your process faster and easier. All the things I wish I would have known before and during the immigration process. We will be adding to this page on a regular basis. If have have ideas send an e-mail to the site admin.

About our site

This web portal is exclusively for US citizens bringing their spouses and family to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Here you can get valuable information about the immigration process, talk with people who are going through or have gone through the process, and speak your mind about the good and bad of bringing your loved ones to the USA.

Welcome to our immigration portal

A few years ago, I had a vision of a place I could go and get all the information and help I needed with my immigration process for my wife. She is, of course Dominican. While there were plenty of message boards, web sites, immigration portals and resources, there were no live forums dedicated exclusively to Dominican immigration. I felt that there should be a real time message board like, which, by the way if you don't know is a must for anyone going through this process. People were also asking about a central place where one could find information about immigration to the USA from the Dominican Republic. That in a nutshell is why I created this web portal and the forums. Please take a moment to register on the forums and join our online community at We now also have a feature where once a week, the Chief Consul at the US Consulate answers questions from our forum members. Here you can get accurate information on what is actually happening at the US Consulate in Santo Domingo.

Watch our portal grow

This portal as it stands now is by no means finished. In the near future I will be putting up a place where we all can share photographs of our favorite DR related people, places, and things. There will be more resources added, and I will be having several guest writers doing articles for the front page here. When there is news about immigration that would be helpful for all of you, I will try to get it posted right away on the site. If you would like to write an article for the site, I would be pleased to publish it for you. Of course the number one reason this site is here is YOU, so if you have any ideas about special features or things you would like to see here, don't be bashful, send us an e-mail! This server is owned by me and I have some space so we can pretty much do what you want. That being said, I have to bring up one more thing. There are expenses related to keeping this site running, hardware such as disks, power supplies, etc, and the electricity to run the servers. I would like to keep the advertising to a minimum here, so I have set up a PayPal account for donations. If you like this site, please help me out. I will keep the site going as long as is possible with the money I have.Thanks in advance for your support.