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Author Topic: Almost 2 years how to renew spousal visa  (Read 1270 times)

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Almost 2 years how to renew spousal visa
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:01:59 am »
Hi gang, I know it's been awhile but being parents sure keeps us busy. Well me and wife are coming up on 3 year marriage anniversary, we survived our first hurricane in  FL, our son is almost a year and half and we are getting close to the 2 year experiration of her marriage visa.  Can someone point me in the right direction for renewing it? Thanks guys...

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Almost 2 years how to renew spousal visa
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:01:59 am »

Offline Clarywaldo

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Re: Almost 2 years how to renew spousal visa
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2017, 08:27:56 am »
hiii, We just went through that last year with my hubby. .  this is some of the stuff i sent. .. .

i have over 50 pages...i wish i wouldn't have been so careless and sent this all back in January... .

Enclosed is the following:
•   Driver’s license for both Claribel Almonte and Waldo Almonte with home address
•   Home Lease with both our names and home address stating we reside at same address
•   Wells Fargo Bank Statement transaction history from May 2014-July 2016. Deposits made to store with check stub image. May 2014 Statement has Apartment address where we lived for 2 months, and then June address reflects where we reside now.
•   Visa statement from 05/19/2015 with flights purchased for 4 to Dominican Republic family vacation
•   Municipal Utilities Bill/Profile with personal information and approved payments from Claribel/Waldo with home address
•   Direct TV online billing with both our names and home address
•   Job Service North Dakota (verification of Alien Status) Letter addressed to Waldo Almonte with residential address
•   Progressive Auto Insurance with both our names on the policy and our home address
•   2013 1040A Income Tax Return attached with W2’s
•   2014 1040A Income Tax Return attached with W2’s
•   2015 1040A Income Tax Return attached with W2’s
•   Letter for amount due 2015 taxes to IRS addressed to both Waldo & Claribel Almonte
•   Receipt of 2015 ND Statement of Taxes owed and paid with both our names and address
•   Vehicle registration card of Bronco/certificate of title for vehicle w/ our names & address
•   Affidavits of support letters with knowledge of our relationship and where we live from Sister, Co-Worker and best friend
•   Faith Formation Registration Form for St. John’s Catholic Church where we regularly attend services
•   Baptism Certificate for Daphne Odette Almonte with both our names as Parents
•   Baptism Certificate for Daphneiris Mercedes Almonte with both our names as Parents
•   Century Elementary School Pre-Registration Completed Form for Daphne Almonte
•   Century Elementary School Pre-Registration Completed Form for Daphneiris Almonte
•   Midcontinent internet bill with Claribel’s name addressed to our home
•   Messages from when Claribel went to see Dr. Christensen/Dr. Cain at Sanford Reproductive Medicine to seek treatment for fertility issues beginning March 2015 until present
•   Letter explaining why Waldo and Claribel’s Employee Benefits Enrollment Form does not reflect that they have joint health coverage.
•   Community Health Service stating we are registered at their facility as a family
•   Letter from Member of Congress
•   Pictures of our family from April 17,2014-July 2016 (19 pages)

i'm posting all of this here because i hope it helps someone one day

go here to read the entire post: http://dominicanstotheusa.com/forum/index.php/topic,11607.20.html
09/5/2011- Met Waldo
12/12/2011- Started Dating
07/2/2012- 1st Trip
11/27/2012- 2nd Trip
1/3/2013- Got Married!!
3/20/2013- Came back to the USA after 4 mnths
4/10/2013- Sent I-130/I-129 for SO & 2 step Daughters
4/15/2013- NOA1 text, email received
10/15/2013-Contacted State Representative to get Professional Inquiry
10/21/2013-NOA 2 Email/Text(Gracias a Dios!)
10/25/2013-11/03/2013-3rd Trip
11/15/2013-NVC Received Case
11/19/2013-Received Case #'s [[NVC]]
11/19/2013-E-mail Choice of Agent(DS-261)
11/20/2013-Paid AOS $88
11/21/2013-Paid IV $230 for Hubby
11/25/2013-Sent AOS (I-864)Mailed Priority Mail
11/25/2013-DS-260 Online for Hubby
11/26/2013-Paid IV $230 for Step Daughters
11/28/2013-DS-260 Online for Step Daughters
12/02/2013-Sent DS-260 Supporting Documents Priority Mail
12/25/2013-Merry X-mas 2 me, NVC sent checklist
12/30/2013- NVC reviewed DS-260 Documents
1/08/2014- Sent NVC the CHECKLIST w/ missing documents
2/11/2014-NVC received all doc., waiting for Interview Date!!
2/28/2014- Got our CITA date 04/07/2014!!!!
3/17/2014- Hubby and 2 step-daughters went to medical.
4/02/2014- 4th trip
4/07/2014- ALL 3 APPROVED!
4/14/2014- Visas picked up at Domex in Santiago
4/17/2014- Port of Entry(Miami)
5/05/2014- Paid Green Card Fees $165
6/13/2014- Received hubby & Step-Daughters Green Cards.
01/11/16--I-751 Lifting Conditions $505+$85+$85+$85
08/01/16-Request for Evidence,sent info 08/10
08/29/16- Received Hubby & Step Daughters 10 yr Green Card :)

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Re: Almost 2 years how to renew spousal visa
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2017, 07:11:43 pm »
I moved this to where it should be.

If you were issued a CR-1 visa then 90 days prior to your 2 year anniversary of entering the USA you need to apply to lift conditions. File form I-751 with the appropriate fees and information and wait for her 10 year card to arrive unless they say you have to have an interview at which point you will be given instructions on how to do so. Clary has a good list of things you can include to prove you are still together but that list isn't written in stone. More or less depending upon what you have for evidence. We can help you if you get stuck at any point.

Also note that 90 days prior to your third anniversary of entering the USA she can apply for citizenship. It's easy and highly recommended. There are study guides online for the questions. There are about 100 possible questions but they will only usually ask 3-5 and have her read some English and write something also. That's it. Real simple. Again we can help when the time comes.

I have a new wife and it's my business.

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