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Author Topic: Fastest way to get my girlfriend to the US and DCF ?  (Read 1790 times)

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Offline eddydgomez

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Fastest way to get my girlfriend to the US and DCF ?
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:35:23 pm »
I previously had done a post on fastest way to get my girlfriend to the states from the Dominican Republic and someone was kind enough to answer my questions but I replied and still haven’t gotten a reply back I’m kinda eager to get the answers for the new questions so these are the same exact questions I asked the other person after they answered the questions to my previous post.

Okay Thank you so much that was of great help. I also see that you wrote that the fastest way would be filing the petition for the DCF but does that mean I have to be residing in DR?

I am currently not residing in the Dominican Republic but I am a Dominican citizen. I am american but have obtained my Dominican  citizenship due to my parents both being Dominican and having lived there myself for sometime a couple years back.

Can I file the petition for DCF by being a citizen of the Dominican Republic? Or is this even possible do I have to be living there for an x amount of time?

And if I can file the petition for DCF does that mean the process is done in the Dominican Republic where I submit that paper work ? Or is everything done here in the states?

I would like to also know the right amount of time before I can  actually start the process meaning after how long of us actually being in a relationship would it be okay to start the process. I’ve known her since 2014 but started dating around April 2017 so from there to now is about 1 year and 1 month. I plan on getting engaged around July and then get married a couple months after maybe October.

I would also l like  to know an estimate of how long is the process starting from day  I file the petition for the DCF till the day they actually give her the visa to come to the United States and that’s if they approve her. Which I don’t see why they wouldn’t but can I get around how many months is it ? I have been told that DCF is the fastest way.

And if this helps I am a frequent flyer always going back and forth from Miami to Dominican Republic.

I’m hoping I can get some answers on these questions I have now.

Bring Your Dominican Family to the USA - Dominicans to the USA

Fastest way to get my girlfriend to the US and DCF ?
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:35:23 pm »

Offline marcfranc

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Re: Fastest way to get my girlfriend to the US and DCF ?
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 06:31:18 am »
I know that you are excited and it is difficult to wait, but you should start developing your patience NOW. There is no such thing as "FAST", just quicker and slower. The whole process should take about a year or so and you may or may not hit a few bumps in the road. Learn to take things easy and try to teach your girlfriend the same thing, or otherwise you or both of you are going to go crazy. This process is stressful so don't add more stress to it. Couples have broken up under the strain of this process so don't be one of them. Take it nice and easy or you are going to give yourself a nervous breakdown.

This is a do it yourself site made up of members who have gone through or are going through the process of bringing a loved one from DR to the U.S. It is all volunteer. No one is getting paid for anything. In fact it costs the person running this site money to keep it up and running. So, you will have to be patient and wait until someone gets back to you with answers to your questions. After all we do have lives and other things to do. No one sits here all day answering questions, but the site's moderators and fellow members do try to answer questions as quickly as they can.

Please do not post the same questions multiple times. This is called "cross posting" and is against the rules of the site. Have a few Brugals and Presidentes, relax and someone will get back to you.

I have answered your question in you other post.

« Last Edit: May 21, 2018, 06:44:07 am by marcfranc »

Offline Tasinava

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Re: Fastest way to get my girlfriend to the US and DCF ?
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2019, 09:33:56 pm »
We are very happy to have this good information post for you to come to know.


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