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--- Quote from: LaBeba on November 18, 2009, 01:59:59 pm ---I like Los Adolescentes...
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Ahh...yes, Adolescentes  ;) Massiel cannot get enough of this great band! Good choice, LaBeba...Peace

As promised more was coming soon! This is a great CD mix that is called "Salsa de los 80's". This post had me jamming all afternoon to this classic CD. I wanted to share it with you all for your enjoyment. If you like salsa from the 80's you'll love this CD. 27 classic salsa songs from the 80's for all you salsa lovers. Go to the link below and download the file. It's a .rar file so download WINRAR or WINZIP to be able to open the compressed file. Play it on your windows media player or burn it on CD and jam out in your car. Enjoy!

Track Listing

Cinco Noches
Que Locura
Desde El Fondo De Mi Corazon
Me Mata La Soledad
Ana Mile
Caricia Prohibida
Sueño Contigo
Aquel Viejo Motel
Casi Te Envidio
Esa Mujer
No Le Temes A El
Una Canita
Amor Imposible
Jardin Prohibido
Porque Te Amo
Sin Sentimiento
Que Nunca Me Falte
Ven Devorame
Tengo Derecho Ser Feliz
De Mi Enamorate
Cara Dura
Lobo Domesticado
La Rebelion
La Rueda
El Hijo De Mama Ines

Hey dance salsa too or just listen to it? Those songs you listed are hot!!


--- Quote from: Domericano on November 20, 2009, 03:31:26 am ---Hey dance salsa too or just listen to it? Those songs you listed are hot!!

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Hey Domeri,
Both! How are you coming along with your Salsa competition?  What is your favorite artist(s) and song(s)? Thanks for the post!

Fany is taking Salsa classes in DR so she can dance with me when she gets here.
And I'm to busy listening to Salsa to look for and upload album pics right now!



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